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Everyone no matter what side you may think you are on, parasite or plebe, you know there is a difference, you may not realise why this difference exists and to what degree you are a plebe or parasite. But if you are not connected to the world central banking system, or you work for them as a politician, economist, or large corporate investor, you are likely to be a plebe.

The origins lie in the basic elements of human nature, that has been with us since the stone age, then it may have been more natural, people needed protection and security. The strong and innovative becoming leaders of the tribe for good or for worse, depending on their individual leader’s inclinations.

Later in human development this “leadership” became tangled up with violent wars, religion, profiteering, and aggrandisement of self, including a connection of divine right linked to gods or spirits. The head of the church were kings and queens, with a supportive hierarchy who benefited from the acquisition of property taken from those vanquished, enslaved, or killed in warfare. The victors becoming lords now rewarded with peerages, benefiting from great gifted estates from the Crown.

This localised form of dictatorial serfdom worked reasonably well, the plebs were to be left uneducated, kept poor and engaged in supporting armies and building of the hierarchy who held the power in brute force. Social guidance, religious indoctrination, including public works carried out by the plebs who were provided with the elementary necessities of subsistence for their service to the parasite kingdoms.

This form of government control would only last while the majority of plebs believed in the system, the weakening of the political and religious structures came about when the hierarchy took advantage of many uneducated plebs. Burdening them with wars, extending workloads while levelling heavy taxes, plebes reacted to this, they educated themselves and formed a resistance that has grown from guilds, trade unions, and anarchy.

Great iniquities then grew out of the increasingly parasitical power, one outstanding example was the inquisition carried out as religious persecution. Many millions of innocents were tortured and murdered if they refused to accept the doctrines of the church. Many plebes were driven by fear to become believers in the forced doctrines, but resentment remained ending in prolific use of the guillotine in the French revolution.

From eleven hundred AD, to almost seventeen hundred, AD an era of enlightenment developed in England, King Henry the first, fourth son of William the conqueror, adopted an unknown inventor’s monetary scheme the Tally Stick. An ingenious system of lending, recording, and general payment system. It incurred no usury (interest on debt) it was an efficient method of recording debts and payments. Impossible to counterfeit due to a piece of wood containing the record of debt was split down the middle and one half was held as proof by the debtor the other by the lender. If it was a crown issue one half was held by the exchequer of currency until paid then the matching the two halves were again together. he tallies could then be reissued.

The novelty of this invention and its ruling principle was the fact that no piece of hazel or willow wood ever splits exactly the same as any other stick of hazel or willow wood, thus impossible to counterfeit, the debt was recorded on both pieces of the split wood nothing could be added by any holder as it had to cover both pieces. The fact it carried no interest made great gains for both king and country, England developed tremendously and became a powerful country during the 575 years while the tally was in use. 

While this system existed, there were the usual parasite classes that exists to this day, plebes who were uneducated in money matters could be manipulated they obtained loans from loan sharks in coin or note and paid the exorbitant interest. However many plebes used the tally stick to elevate themselves and their families. The system was destroyed by1694, with the setting up of the bank of England, the rush to destroy the tally culminated in the burning down of the houses of parliament due to ovens getting out of hand burning the tally. Monetary darkness descended on the plebes once again involving parliamentary laws.    

Enforced religious tithes, like taxes were levied on plebes who had to professes religious belief because of the fear of the rack ‘s torture and death or excommunication. Similarly, there were hierarchical lenders who lent with promissory notes based upon the presumed wealth of that individual that included institutionalised legal connections of crown or church to such note issues, these incurred charges and fees or interest.

This type of lender preceded the bankers, they were no less than the later bankers. Both would lend upon the name, reputation, and the presumed wealth or capital of the lender. A note was a piece of paper which described the amount lent, it could be traded and used as money. The name of the lender affixed to the note carried the legal recognition of the promises to pay on presentation for payment. it was accepted as money, it was understood that the great lenders had the capacity to pay, in many cases the note circulated as money being traded many times for goods and services before final payment.

It followed, in later developments that the governments who had followed the rule of kings and queens, were creations of the parasites of religious powers, as well as the wealthy who owned the great estates obtained by supporting various kings or queens who had established themselves after land and property grabs during the wars.

These groups of parasites now invested their gains from produce of their estates into future industries, the plebs were used to help produce these profits, plebeian cottage industries supplied the wealthy parasite class with all forms of necessities as well as labour in the factories of the industrial revolution.

The advent of parliamentary Governments gave the plebs the illusion of the democratic process, they were told that they had a right to elect a government, there were said to be agreements such as the magna carter. The outcome of this new ideology further entrenched the powers of the parasites. They now controlled the supply of money, the laws of the land, the ownership of industries, including the religious indoctrination , or restricted education of the plebes to suit parasitic work application requirements .

It was easier to see the interrelationship of the parasite class and the plebes during this time in history, there was little need to cover it up. The plebes were not educated, many could not read, many plebes believed that this form of lifestyle was their accepted lot. Religion played a lead role and giving unto Cesare that which belonged to Cesare, including that which belonged to god was an accepted doctrine, not much was left for the plebes .

Now the surprising part of this story of plebes and parasites is that the fundamental components of parasite control; indoctrination, indebtedness, belief systems, limited enlightenment, conformity, lifestyle, welfare, health, and wealth have all been increased not decreased. The parasite classes now own and control more segments of the plebeian world than they ever did. One percent of the population now own more than the 99 percent.

The parasite classes now set the agenda for the plebeian classes in all fields of life, you don’t have to look very far to see this, the confinement is apparent to all of us. many will attempt to make the best of it, but different levels of parasite are not far away. Budding parasites exist, actually they are plebes who desire to become parasite, “if you can’t beat them join them “ but they will never reach the inner sanctums of the major parasites they may also be Brocken and dumped after being useful.

Some will be allowed to survive and thrive, this phycology provides two purposes, one is a message to the plebes that such achievements are possible, and the other phycology is one of looking down on yourself in comparison to those who have succeed. (when looking up to such people in these circumstances you may be subliminally looking down on yourself) feeling inadequate etc after trying very hard in your own right.

Plebes have a lot to learn, in many cases they are their own worst enemy, they might be mindless conformists, supporting a majority belief without having examined all the implications of following a crowd of conformists or believers. A high level of faith in authority as being intrinsically good, or trustworthy is often naively accepted without any judgement of all the aspects of any authority.

Perhaps the greatest example that is readily apparent to all plebes is the present system of banking and finance, this explains both the acquiescence of the plebe, and the avarice of the parasite. In just one example the reluctance of most plebes is clearly seen where even if the creation of credit from seemingly nothing is known the plebe accepts the position. The parasite in contrast has often admitted this creation of credit out of nowhere to the plebes knowing full well that convention, belief, and conformity will prevent the plebes from making this an issue , in fact any suggestion that money lent by a bank today has its origin in nothing or nowhere , out of thin air etc, would bring ridicule and condemnation from other plebes, not from the parasite who knows this to be true and has often told the plebes many times.

The fact is that money does not come from thin air or nothing, in general  all money that is “credit created” by the bankers , is made available upon the ability of the plebes to repay such debts with interest added , Because this money lent at such cost can  still allow the plebeian borrower to make a profit or repay from income, the plebe sees no harm just an added burden of paying interest to the lender because there is no other way available to him or her.

That no other way has been designed that way, the cunning lenders know you accept the terms and makes you sign a contract that clearly states you agree. All contracts contain that agreement of the terms. It would not matter that much if the terms were harsh and unconscionable, so long as you were given the time to read the terms and that you signed in agreement to those terms and accept them. But the bottom line here is that there is no other way in the system so designed for fencing you in. Even if you wish to contest the terms you signed you will have to pay for the legal determinations of your case, and here again there are more parasites waiting to help you for a hefty fee, and they care not who wins as they get paid in any case.

On conclusion of this story on money and debt, hardship, war, and a progress toward taking everything off the plebs altogether, as in later life you will need help with ill health, a place in an old people’s home, or to spare your family from the cost of disposing of your body when you die, you will find are all run by various levels of the parasite class.

Finally, I point you to my philosophy of who provides the material substance that is used by the parasite class to provide you with money in the form of two-or three-fold debt attached to the original loan principle amount.

This has three parts, I explain it in these simple terms:

Without the taxpayer Plebe, there could be no parasite government as they live off taxes.

Without the Plebe borrower who can demonstrate his or her ability to pay in asset or income, there would be no parasite bank. (note that home loan borrowing in Australia is at least 70% of private bank business). The rest is small business generally, Corporations can create their own capital on capital markets.

Without plebe consumers of a variety of products there would be no parasite corporations, small business is not a parasite class they are plebes, they have the economic burden of plebe borrowing often on more severe terms than other plebe borrowers.


One day the plebes will wake up, and at that time parasites will no longer suck the blood of the real people the plebes. 









There is now gathering a distinct plan for the lowering of wages across the board in western countries, Corporations and bankers are calculating the savings being made by offshoring not only tax avoidance schemes but labour, there is advanced planning to put together a mosaic of suppliers in low wage areas of the world that can be economically drawn together to produce all kinds of goods and services to be sold in corporate owned conglomerates like Walmart and Bunnings of the western world.

Corporations have now increased the their eligible workforce worldwide, between the years of 1983 until 2015 the available workforce in the western global sphere of influence has increased from 1.5 billion to above 3 billion, this extra influx of workers have come from places like India, Vietnam, Mexico, Romania, UAE, Thailand, China, even Russia and many others, politicians contribute by the signing of secret trade deals, allowing the economic circumstances that are pool up unemployment among the young, or lowering immigrant 417 visa supervision, as well as extending the retirement age without providing for more jobs, these actions pit worker against worker a scramble for jobs.

The tremendous effect of this worldwide plan combined with the technological means of greatly improved communications, payment systems, and coordination of logistics involving shipping and other transport for the first time in history has brought about the means whereby up to thirty countries can be involved in the production of one product all being controlled from one building in one city like New York, London, Paris or Sydney all competing with each other for wages.

Examples are Corporations like Toyota, Ford, Intel, Hewitt Packard, IBM, Coca Cola, Proctor and Gamble, Telstra, and Australia’s four big banks, invariably most if not all of the big corporations around the world are farming out work to the low wage areas of the world, then combining the production of products to sell in places like Walmart, Bunnings, Coles, and Woolworths, High tech IP shops, motor vehicle sales outlets, even direct mail order, or in fact any sales outlet where you can purchase low cost low wage products today.

It is the very cheaply made products and services that is the problem, simply because it means very cheap labour, and the fact that it is western corporations that are both making and selling these products anywhere, it will impact on the wages in the west fast becoming a brake on any remaining high paying jobs left in the western countries, this situation cannot be good for high wage demands in the countries expected to become the consumers of cheap labour products or services they once produced themselves at better wage levels.

There are three obvious actions that are unfolding and will accelerate in pace as unpayable debt resulting from a lower standard of living, the first one will be the bank up of over produced goods in the western countries as the wages cannot extinguish available products at any price, secondly the economic conditions that have been introduced by budget changes that have forced more and more people into the workforce without there being enough well paid work, politicians will point toward the low wage work offered, but the amounts being paid will not match living wage expectations, thus more policy enforced austerity will result.

The third one is already with us in Australia, ever since the privatisation of the Commonwealth Employment Service in 1998, there has been a shift toward contractors to tap inexperienced and young workers from overseas set up on 417 visas or seasonal backpackers for exploitation usually on farm work, this move has created a underclass in Australia of wage slavery that clearly resembles the capitalist exploitation of the 1890s, the setting up of labour hire companies that source and supply labour to employers is permeating the landscape in many industries, this move allows for an extra layer of exploitation whereby yet another corporate structure can reduce the wage received for work done by taking a cut out of the workers entitlement for themselves.


The overall postulated picture is that western countries will be employed in “good paying white collar jobs” aka Paul Keating’s statements in the 1983 deregulation era, this does not stand up to resulting developments either as many of the jobs that are being offshored are in fact white collar jobs, but those doing those jobs now will be pitted against a vast army of willing and waiting cheap labour sources in the yet untapped markets being cultivated by western capitalists every day.

“Gradualism” is the catch phrase from the “Global” plotters and planners, it is happening over time and from say 1983 to 2015, we have all heard of the call centres, the bank customer service staff, and billing inquiries being made from Mumbai or Manila, but it goes much deeper, look at Toyota for an example has over 30 thousand contractors and suppliers worldwide, some are owned by Toyota and others are subcontractors, all have to meet stringent deadlines and quality standards, as there is a pool of trained and dedicated cheap labour it is easy to understand that Toyota can pick and choose performance levels across such a range of competition for work.

From these few examples given it is easy to imagine the ease of which labour and products will become global, as will the wage structures, the lower moving toward the higher and higher trending down until there is very little difference, free trade agreements will provide the setting up of manufacturing or services in any country and by any global employee from any country, meaning that sources of labour will be global and located in any suitable country, at present it is not well known that wages in some industries in America or Japan already approach $7.00-$9.00 per hour as an example, while Walmart has its lowest paid worker in Bangladesh at 20 cents per hour x 14 hour day = around $30.00 per month, with 10 day holiday per year.

All the American auto manufacturers are now studying and implementing the Toyota model, this has not gone unnoticed by other companies all over the western capitalist world, specific training is now on the spot and production of qualified personnel is well under way globally, and while it is understood that cheap labour countries will demand increases in wages eventually, there is a time lag to reach developed country wage levels which are in decline, plus there is always a pool of unemployed in all the countries concerned to slow any wage increase activity, thus a low wage level playing field will be created worldwide, with a potential to go lower not higher.

Pressure is being brought to bear on the developed countries union organisations by politicians, the spectre of “we will go offshore” or “union corruption” dampening demands, this reality is being recognised by union bosses, corporate  pressure can be applied all the way up and down the production chain, the pool of workers elsewhere guarantees a much more compliant workforce, exchange student and corporate training programs are being developed with assistance from various governments in many countries including Australia so that their workforces can participate by entering the low wage level of this global “integration” example TAFE colleges in India.


There are corporations that are wholly set up for contracting the hire of labour right through to the organisation of production, health and safety, delivery times, packaging, transport, and any other requirement that a major manufacturer may need to satisfy a market worldwide, companies like Flextronics Incorporated a leader in the worldwide engagement of low wage workforces for transnational companies a company with a revenue of 15 billion dollars annually so far.

Such an integration of workers go beyond media references of any declared enemies, as there are now scientists and engineers employed in Russia for $40.00 an hour taking the place of American scientists and engineers that would cost $120.00 an hour to work on American projects, the new program of seeking low wage employees knows no enemy unless it interferes with a profit margins or sources of resources.

Education standards in the western world are being lowered, and made more expensive while western labour wage rates have not moved very much at all since 1980, the very same years that the transnational export of jobs begun in earnest, there is remaining in the west very few good paying jobs in the global administration of low wage offshore production administration, there are some jobs in the area of capital investment based on profit outcomes from slave labour, or local housing speculation in derivatives and other debt instruments that tend to secure the private banks temporarily, but this can easily fail if job losses increase, or wages are reduced.

As none of this activity is helpful for the continuance of western lifestyles based on an adequate income to meet rising cost of living often there is no prospect for high paid work in the future, the predictions of economic collapse or failure can therefore be more easily seen, the massive escalation in house prices can only be kept going so long as wages continue to keep up with these rising costs, and that means high wage jobs, these high paying jobs are now disappearing, and the collateral damage will be a collapse in house prices due to the relocation of the means of production, sales, and even markets into low wage countries.


A future collapse in the housing prices is guaranteed by the drive for lower wages, offshoring over time being the main instrument that will herd the working classes toward accepting lower wages, the boom in house prices suits only the banking investment class for their short term gains in selling inflated residential mortgage backed securities, or other debt instruments, giving them the capital to invest in shares of the profits coming from the exploited low wage initiatives.

But this is a last ditch capitalist move to save themselves, round one being the 2007-9 GFC taxpayer bailouts is also short circuiting itself, the selling of a mass of products to the western world is solely dependent on high wage incomes, this is already being felt by the lack of increases from 1980 in wage levels, but the debt that will also mount up due to any future fall in wages is already being anticipated by government will see an escalation in foreclosures of homes, thus sounding the death knell to the investors riding on the back of homeowners at present buying RMBs.

The picture I paint here can easily be checked out, it is obvious that government and capitalists are working together to reduce the cost of production, which in turn will increase profits to corporations as long as the consumer in the west can afford to buy, the problem of overproduction that will soon arise, usually translates into a war where the excess productive capacity can be gobbled up in bombs and bloodshed, while corporate profits are increased, this reluctantly supported by the worker classes, due to unemployment resulting in volunteering or conscription with an income from a bankers battlefield.

However the next war will see global manufacturing bases widely dispersed around the globe, with only communication systems keeping them going, the collection of parts and pieces may be a problem due to interruptions of communications and transports, that is remedied by the military industrial complex locating in low wage production near the countries that have initiated world wars, such as for example the USA using Mexico, a low wage production base already a part of NAFTA.


The main emphasis in this article is the plans for lower wages, the way this will be implemented, and the end results, the very countries that led innovation and invention of most of the world’s advanced products and are deserving of appropriate incomes, will be demoted to the ranks of low wage coolies, while other countries compete to make the products that the Corporations have acquired by means of being part of the family of corporate dictators, where capital can always be derived from the working classes by way of private banking debt, tax burdens, prevention or acquisition of technology and unfair competition.

Thus the direction of technical advancement will be determined only by corporations for profit, the effect of this is already being felt where genetically modified foods are destroying the organic natural and safe food production, where chemicals and pharmaceuticals are a panacea for every illness, oil dominated industries restricting alternate energies, the destruction of land and water resources due to the frantic fracking search for gas or coal, or the insidious attempts to employ robots to displace workers, where third world countries make robots to do away with higher wage areas of western economies, these are already employed in western supermarkets.   

The governments that attempt to pay global companies to stay in a high wage environments will be wasting their taxpayers money, what they should be doing is investing in providing alternative industries that are not integrated into the global monopolies, this could be for example organic foods, and alternate medicines, these two especially suited to Australia with improved water distribution systems that have been on the drawing board since the 1930s, but to do this you need a public banks system, that can fund national initiatives and not international global dictatorship.


Austerity is a plan that you can see taking place every day in Australia, when you see the lowering of the wage levels, removal of entitlements and penalty rates, adjustments to the pensions, same payment for working day or night, all women and the 70 year olds must all work, refugees of capitalist empirical wars competing with the locals for wages, the weakening of union powers, the ratcheting up of the debt on housing, the collapse of certain parts of the economy, all of these plus the competition of foreign workers in low wage countries, the invasion by countries like China with new found wealth based on low wages profits can use this leverage to foreclose on parts of western countries.

All of this is a attempt to salvage the capitalist system which must always require competition and the reduction of costs in order to raise profits, capitalism is being undermined due to mounting debts, competition for resources and markets, a burden of non-performing speculative investments, and industrial upheaval, the cost of proxy wars, are driving this insane system to full scale war as it has always done in the past, the impossibility of continuous profit based on fictitious debt gets out of hand due to collapsing leverage, ultimately resulting in a worldwide worker uprising against the capitalist system. 


The move to the process of “integration” as economists will refer to this phenomenon is unprecedented in capitalist history, it can be likened to the industrial revolution for the disruption it will cause, labour unions and workers will have to unite to protect their interests, but they will have to define their interests more clearly, even excessive immigration of people’s fleeing empirical wars are to be used to lower wages and add confusion to those who see only empathy rather than deliberate intensions to culturally distort and spread low wage slavery around the globe.

Research from the united states business council has pointed out as far back as 2002, the numbers involved are staggering saying that there is at least seven countries that have populations well over 100 million, and these are rapidly entering the world markets, they involve China, Russia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Mexico, the former communist countries of eastern Europe, the former soviet republics, plus there is the rapidly growing countries of Vietnam, Philippines, and Turkey where each of these have over 50 million each, this researcher also commented that the flow of workers up until 1980 was gradual, and at that time the wage and industrialisation was mainly national not global.   


The total of available willing excess workers is in the billions, they are all eager to get onto the imagined gravy train, and the capitalist corporations are equally eager to exploit them, they will be used to lower the wages of the western world employees who still have a job and because of the increasing supply from each contributing country they can all be pitted against each other if they demand too much in wages, thus union power is being eroded.

Alarming as this article is it must be stressed that the capitalist and private banker elite have always exploited the working classes, the institution of private banking with its ability to create credit out of nothing was the foundation stone for the rise of the multinational corporation, being part of the elite structure of capital domination by the integration of banks and corporations loans for them was no problem, any cost in this lending between friends was treated as a tax deduction and one way or another the worker as borrower paved the way for these conglomerates with sweat, labour, blood, and taxes all to pay an illusionary but legalised debt that never existed until he asked for it from the bank, not a minute before did the bank have that loan capacity.

Once the penny drops and the reader sees the capitalist plot of a move to shift offshore all high wage production, it will be plain for all to see that there would be no interest in any job creation that results in a permanent good paying manufacturing or industrial jobs in Australia, instead politicians will blunder along deliberately allowing countries like China to take advantage of the wage competition that will develop among high wage countries and low wage countries, cash strapped politicians will welcome China here for resources, food supply, or other global free trade interests, creating booms and busts by rise and falls of demand, all of which will impact on the lowering of entitlements and wages for workers in our country, Austerity therefore is a plan not an accident.

The white anting of workers within Australia has already been allowed to get a foothold, with the labour hire contactors that exploit the migrant workers on farms that supply the big supermarkets, while unions are smeared, big corporations will claim immunity, but the contagion will spread, eventually it will be aligned with the offshoring of the higher wage earners and thus there will be a meeting of the exploited layers, this may result in a shadow boxing political debate about “budget repair” measures, but the end result will be sandwiching the bottom layer of workers between the top layer to produce lower wages across the board.


Even local large companies and entrepreneurs in each western country are not going to withstand the conglomerates that can tap the connections they have in low wage offshore production, combined with a web of fellow megaliths who supply the very equipment and knowhow sourced from the low wage countries which can be brought to bear and combined with the multinational capital connections that is all linked together to form one power, this is global power and a select club of exploiters, they are the sharks in the same pond with the sardines, this is especially so of the stock exchanges, international private banks and the labour markets.

Australia in particular is confronted with this multi-pronged attack on its living standards, the scramble for money to pay debt will accelerate, while its ability to pay is undermined, forcing the governments to borrow more from private bankers, this reduces living standards and wages again, the nation is deliberately hamstrung to increase national wealth by its own means of investment so it turns to foreign investment, thus it increases its debt burden again, and while this is going on the country will accept trade deals, tariff removal, that will contain the requirements to lower the rates of labour, in this way Australia will join the nations where it will compete in a race to the bottom among billions of eager workers who will never find enough work.

One must bear in mind that this labour game is stacked against the worker anywhere in the world, yet in reality it was the worker who in the beginning that enabled the growth of the transnational conglomerates and in the first stages of growth the worker was indispensable to the battle of the titans that was often sorted by warfare, and so the workers were paid well on this part of the journey, however the nature of the beast that has grown up on the back of labour will now cause them to beg in multitudes just for a chance to survive on a meagre wage.


From an earlier age in our history of the economic world to today is the private bank, THE MONEY POWER this institution no matter what its name in any country applies the same historical leverage of being able to create nearly all of it money out of nowhere, it lends to governments who are afraid of questioning it, and while it wields its Zombie Economics that makes no sense whatsoever, it freely funds the pockets of the corporations who help entrench its power, its ability to then make the fiat money appear by law to be real because all that is bought and sold is real, but when the peoples of the world find they are slaves this also will be real, but it will be the result of that which was not real.

May this document be a warning to all that the time is approaching that will test our sanity, will we be fools without a paradise, men and women seemingly without a brain, a slave that supplies our own chains, accepting all we are told, will we say “what can I do” while doing nothing, surely we have sacrificed enough in the fights for “freedoms” that ends only in economic bondage, we can all learn today from many sources that it is the private debt creating banks that are the main problem behind all our other problems, removing this brick alone can rebuild our world as we know it.


Australia has always been under some colonial regime, in the past the ”mother country” has extracted 600 railway wagon loads of gold to pay The Bank of England, we were involved in empirical wars aimed at reduction of competitors of British global trade, America also has come to our rescue with embargoes and sanctions against Japan resulting in another war, America remains in our country to control our top 20 performing companies plus most of our private banks by means of proxy directorships of at least 30% on each board, while extracting an annual defence debt to the Australian people of $70 billion dollars for equipment suiting the defence of American interests, Colonisation has cost us our nation’s future so far, and politicians are again sucking up to a third contender that of China.

While it is difficult to see that these three previous, past and future powers all are controlled by the money power in one way or another, the first two the UK and America are now willingly jumping into bed with China, the potential is life saving for the capitalist, and the communist is a willing participant, they will now exploit their varied abilities, technology and knowhow from the capitalists in exchange for cheap labour, with one aim only the preservation of the money power who has absolutely no allegiance to any of these countries in particular.  

Australia is sandwiched in between these cooperating countries that have in their plans to save the private banks again when public and private debt become unpayable to them as planned, methods used for this saving of private banks is bailouts, haircuts, and bail in’s, passing  the costs to the taxpayer and borrower of the bailouts, and to save the capitalist who are in league with the banks the plan is to reduce the cost of production by the use of cheap labour, between the two of these solutions the bankers and capitalists intend to survive, but at tremendous cost to everybody else.

This author has many times put forward the answer and response to this money power with its money from nothing that is lent to the people of a nation at debt incurring interest, thus giving the private bankers a huge leverage over all others including the stupefied governments, the answer is so simple it is beyond belief that is has not been introduced at every opportunity, the answer is for the government of the day to take back the power to issue money, but also at the same time this money issue must not charge a profit of any kind, or if there is a small profit from the operation of such a bank the profit be paid to the government for public works.

As most of my readers know the government already has the power to issue its own money, this comes from the Australian Constitution, Part V section 51 subsections 4,12,13,20,31 as for the application of an interest or excessive charge this also has been established as a fallacy in Australian law obtained from Royal Commissions into banking and monetary policy of 1937 whereby the findings of this commission had to refer to the Chief Justice presiding, Justice Napier who had to interpret what was revealed; “This statement means that the Commonwealth Bank (at that time this bank was the central bank of Australia in the hands of the government) “can make money available to governments or to others on such terms as it chooses, even by way of a loan without interest, or even without requiring either interest or repayment of principle”.      


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Author Allan R Jones





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